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Magadh University

Since the moment of Lord Buddha's Enlightenment under the Bodhi-Tree till the establishment of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya on 1 st March, 1962, Magadh region of Bihar has envisaged academic explorations in the forms of "Papaa" and "Aparaa" Vidya. Various Gurukuls, Bauddha Vihars, Shramanas, Pathshalas, Nalanda and Udantpuri Universities.
Maqtabs and English Medium Institutions echo the divinely lit-academic throbs of Magadh down the ages. It was Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then president of India and great Philosopher, Scholar of Modern age who laid the foundation of this University in August, 1964 as a homage to Lord Buddha and Buddhism.
The renowned historian Dr. K.K.Dutta was the founder Vice-Chancellor of this University who had dreamt of disseminating the message of Buddhism by launching new branches of South Asian Studies in the Department of History.

Department of Education

Department of Education, Magadh University BodhGaya is imparting teaching-learning and facilitating research work since its upcoming. The Department is marching ahead in the stewardship of Dean, faculty of Education Prof. (Dr.) Israil Khan and is well equipped with Hi-tech classrooms, Different labs, Seminar Hall, Conference room, enriched library with reading room, & ICT lab. contributes to a state of art infrastructure transforming the department in an international site of facilitating and constructing knowledge.
It aims at producing quality teachers to form a learning society as because quality teachers imply quality education and the same education determines virtue of life of people in a society. The Department is committed to quality, excellence and standard in teacher education. We are on the way to be recognized as the Centre of excellence in teacher education.

From the Director’s Desk

As the Director and Dean of Faculty of Education, Magadh University, I extend a very warm welcome to the students who are desirous of seeking admission in our University. It has also been our endeavour to provide continuous updated education in a congenial environment to our students.
With the education system unfolding new possibilities and opportunities, it is inevitable that education in India will certainly need to do more and deliver better.
Since education is the tool of Social change and Department of Education is imparting quality Education in order to create a knowledge society and global environment. In present educational scenario innovation in classroom practice is the lying need of hour.

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